Saturday 14 March 2015

I'm Here!

I didn't fall off the face of the earth... Although it sure seems like I might have. I haven't posted in three weeks, but I have a good reason as to why I haven't. I had surgery on my right shoulder and you guessed it I'm right handed. Next week I start physio so hopefully I'll be sewing in no time. Right?
I walk into my sewing room look at my in work projects and get a little depressed. I so want to be sewing and making quilts.

I did do some shopping as I won a $25 gift certificate from In The Boon Docks sponsored by Gotcha Covered Quilting. This is the first time I have ever shopped at Gotcha Covered. Carrie was a pleasure to deal with, there was a little glitch with her store, however everything was sorted out quickly and shipped immediately. Thank you Carrie and also Lisa from In The Boon Docks.
I may have spent more than $25. My stash is in desperate need of solids and I picked these lovelies to give it a little boost. My DD loves them so they may be destined for her house. Having a little problem taking good photos. They are really nice soft colours.

Before surgery I was working on piecing some blocks for charity quilts. My guild was asked to make charity quilts for a local women's shelter. They need all sizes from crib to adult single. All the fabrics we use for our charity quilts have been donated. Some from members and some from people who don't know where to go with fabric from family members.

A few of the blocks I have so far. Sorry for the quality of the picture. No plan as to how I'm putting these together. I think I need a couple bigger blocks as the biggest one is 9 inches, the smallest 3 inches.  
We have donated quilts to various places and to a few members who were battling cancer, unfortunately they lost their battles. We lost four members within a one year period to cancer. As a cancer survivor I have a big soft spot for anyone who is fighting or has fought cancer. 

I hope everyone has a great day!!

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  1. The solids are beautiful. How did you keep your order down to just five of them? Putting the purple blocks together will be fun. I think you're right about needing some larger blocks there.


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